ABout us:

Our Mission: To help as many married couples as possible to move their marriages in the right direction. Help a Marriage is a registered 501 (c) (3) charity in Florida.

the team in numbers:

Overcoming Tough Marriage Issues: 100% – The percentage of the Team that have overcome significant marriage problems and enjoy healthy marriages afterwards. This includes issues such as infidelity, depression, severe problems with children, financial disaster, loss of job, chronic physical issues and more.
Years of Real Experience: – 100 years – The Core Team has way more than 100 years of marriage experience!
Annual Impact: – 100 marriages – The number of annual marriages we aim to help move in the right direction each year.
Donation Impact: – 100% – The percentage of any “adopt a couple” donation that does directly to help the couple.

Different Approach:

The team at Help A Marriage is a mix of different kinds of dedicated people. Take a bunch of experienced married couples, add a few licensed professional counselors, throw in a social entrepreneur and mix well. Then test, test and test again. Run a few pilots. And then see what happens!


The team is led by Leo Brenninkmeyer, married for 27 years, who sees a big need for more accessible and comfort-zone friendly support for married couples than the traditional resources provide. Having brought innovation to different businesses throughout his career, he feels that the marriage support needs are ready for some fresh approaches that are real and relevant.

The Core Principles

Help a Marriage was founded to make marriage support more accessible and encourage all of us who are married by reminding us that struggles are normal and do not mean things are bad.

What are the driving principles?

1. Comfort Zones: Understand the comfort zone and start there.

a. Use self-reflection exercises.
b. Allow individuals to navigate resources by themselves.
c. Individual counseling before couple counseling.

2. Be Heard: Everybody needs to be heard before they can engage.
3. Listen. Everybody needs to listen regardless of their hurt.
4. Laugh: Everybody needs to learn to laugh (again) and be given permission to do so.

Throughout all of this the key is to make this as comfortable, relaxed, transparent and fun as possible. Life is a challenge, so we want to bring a twinkle and a smile to a sensitive and difficult area of life.