The Datenight Challenge

One of the quickest ways to move your marriage in the right direction is to get back to doing regular date nights. But how? When do we have time? What about the kids? What should be talk about? What should we do?

This challenge is to help you kick-start the process. To get you back on the horse.


Why a Date Night?

Best Investment: No matter how much a couple loves each other, the co-management of life and the busyness of work soon puts any dedicated time together on the “will do it one day” list. Communication requires time and no distractions. A good date night can save thousands in counseling fees! We want to encourage couples to make a date night a priority and this is a way to kick-start it.

What is the Date Night Challenge?

The Challenge is to have 3 date nights within 6 weeks that have different themes that help different areas of our relationship.

Date Night 1: Do Something Silly.
Talk about what you both think is just plain weird but a little funny. Because you both have different ideas of “silly” you will need to be open to doing two things. Click here for ideas: Silly Date Night Ideas.

Date Night 2: Do Something Substantial.
Come up with a question that you will ask your spouse. Over dinner. A probing question. Then pull out your watch and put a timer on for 25 minutes. You can not say a word. They have to talk for the full 25 minutes. Then you reverse the roles.

Date Night 3: Do Something Sensual.
As married couples it is easy to get a little stale in the intimacy department. It is hard to talk about needs and preferences or suggestions. Really hard. So this date-night gives you the challenge to both come up with one thing that you think will really be “fun” for your partner. Something new.