Our Team

Sarah Kamienski LHMC

Married for over 10 years – Has helped over 100 couples directly through her counseling expertise that encourages open communication and deeper self-knowledge for married couples.

Lisa Brenninkmeyer

Married for over 27 years – Has helped over 20,000 marriages through her work at Walking with Purpose where women find ways to improve their relationships with their husbands.

Luis Brown

Married for over 15 years and a great believer in developing honest communication in marriage and doing so with a desire to serve the other.

Amy Caster

Married for 2 years – brings the insights of the millennial marriages to the group and is a believer in bringing humor and honest communication to her marriage.

Father Richard Pagano

Helps married couples every day through is pastoral counseling that really places sacrificial love at the heart of a healthy marriage.

Leo Brenninkmeyer

Married for 27 years – believes that healthy marriages start with healthy individuals who feel comfortable in themselves and is then made better by self-sacrifice and a sense of humor.


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