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Sure, we need your help but why does it matter?

Have you ever stopped to think what happens if a marriage that is slipping away is turned around? Take a moment because it isn’t easy to imagine the impact. We are not talking about the “ideal couple” (who met at highschool, never argue, share interests, go for walks on the beach  etc) because they just annoy us.
It is the marriage that we know is “pretty average” or even “not doing well” that improves and we suddenly see has become authentic,  happy, honest, life-giving and strong. Where we see the before and after pictures like on HGTV. Where anger, silence, resentment or “just getting through the day”  is replaced with respect, being seen, being heard, honesty, trust, laughter and intimacy. These marriages give us all the hope and encouragement we need to choose the right path forward.
A healthy marriage does have an impact on a wide circle. The obvious ones are the kids (schooling, emotional stability etc.) . But what about when they are adults and going through difficulties? Having role models on how to overcome difficulties is crucial to how they will tackle life’s problems. Then there are the friends of the couple. A divorce is like a spill of toxic waste on the relationships around them as couples take sides. A major joy killer. Then there are those who are far removed. Did you know that those in healthy marriages will volunteer more? There are so many more circles to this but the main thing is that by helping a couple, you truly are making the world a better place. Crazy huh?

Want to help?

Awesome! Thank you. Here are a few ways for you to help:

Adopt a Couple:

The first way you can support us is through “Adopt a Couple”. This is where you decide to help a couple on our waiting list who cannot afford to do one of the two programs we have. Namely Time4Us (the more elaborate one) or The Date Night Challenge.

Time 4 Us
This is a combination of professional counseling, exercises, the creation of a marriage vision AND a fun 2-night weekend for the couple. The cost of this program is $2500. If you would like more information on how this works please click here

The Date Night Challenge
The other way you can support a couple is through The Date Night Challenge. This is a series of structured date-nights and some exercises that aim to help the couple be heard, listen and laugh again. If you would like more information on how this works please click here.

General Donations:

If you would like to support our outreach through a general donation that would be awesome. We are self-funded and rely on generous and kind people like yourself to help us support more and more marriages. If you would like to help us please click here to make a donation:

All donations are tax-deductible.