Welcome to “Silly Date Night Ideas”!

These are ideas of things to do that you normally wouldn’t do together. We all fall in to routines (which is a good thing!) but sometimes stepping outside of our routine and trying something new together can blow a few cobwebs away.

This page will evolve as we receive ideas from people like you who have never done something “just silly” as a couple (or at least not for a long time) and did something that allowed them to laugh again.

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Possible date night ideas to get your brain cells popping:
* Hi-ropes course
* Go-karts
* Salsa dance lesson
* Staring contest (best of 7)
* Find a karaoke bar and either do a duet or be competitive and see who gets the most applause
* Use Google Translate to have a no-English conversation over a 3-course dinner.
* Cook something together that neither of you have ever eaten or cooked.
* Your idea should be here!